Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Come ON Stardoll!!!!

I was browsing on my page and I saw THIS advert!
I bet you that Stardoll doesn't filter ads . . .

Saturday, 2 April 2011

An employee code . . . riiight...

I was looking on someone's GB (a person NOT to be named, if you are desperate to see her nickname, just dollmail me!) and I found this GB comment.
And, I was kinda . . . you know . . . sort of, CAPTIVATED. Even though I am SURE there is no real employee code, I clicked on her name and looked at her pres. I was sure I was gonna see these instructions saying something like:
1. Add me
2. Send me your username and pass in dollmail
3. Wait about 2 days and you will be an employee!!
XD, so I was kinda baffled when I saw her pres:

Her pres said NOTHING about an employee code!!! :( I guess she just made the GB comment for ATTENTION! Big . . . waste . . . of . . . my . . . time . . .

Friday, 1 April 2011


K, k. Now I am DEFINATE that some people use the broadcasting system to get boyfriends and girlfriends!!!
it says, 'hey girls! want to have some fun ? ;)'

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Wierd . . .

A kinda amazed friend said this to me
'I was looking on daotch's page and I saw this:'
(My friend sent me this picture) LOOK at the date that she joined!! Stardoll wasn't even created at 1882! I was a lil' baffled by this!!! :) THEN my friend said,
'I went back to my page and then back to hers and it was back to normal'
I guess it could have been photoshopped but . . .


Hehe, do you like the new background?
They are the Rolling Stones logo with the four countries that I am from! XXX

100 million members - NOT!

Stardoll says they have 100 million members, but they are wrong!! They only have this many:
Lol! :D Stardoll lied to us!! :)

Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Stardoll has made a new SS dressup doll! Britney Spears 5! BUT, they already have a NON-SS Britney Spears doll, and a Non-SS Britney Spears 2, and 3!! WTF? They miss out a Britney Spears 4!!! Lol! Here's the doll:
But OMFG. WHAT did they do to her face?? LOL!